Lead Side-A D&O: "A-Sure"

    “Side A” protection exclusively for the individual directors and officers has become a critical component of a company’s D&O protection portfolio. Designed to respond for loss incurred by individuals that are not indemnifiable by the company, Side A-only protection is typically put in place over a “traditional ABC” D&O program. Our policy, ORUG-93 (“A-Sure”), provides both excess Side A limits and the important “Difference in Conditions” provision when the traditional program fails or refuses to respond to loss for any reason.

    Policy features (ORUG-93):

    • “All peril” approach / broad “Difference in Conditions” coverage.
    • No definition of application or reliance provision.
    • Liberalization provision of the Insuring Agreement.
    • Only one policy exclusion: Conduct Exclusion, which does not apply to Defense Expenses, and is only triggered by a final non-appealable adjudication in the underlying proceeding.
    • No exclusions for Independent Directors.
    • Automatic reinstated Limit of Liability for Independent Directors.
    • Double reinstatements available for unrelated claims against Insured Persons.
    • Broad definition of Claim, including Insured Person Inquiry and related document production.
    • Broad definition of Loss.
    • Full severability of the Cooperation Clause.
    • Blanket Outside Directorship extension.
    • Fully non-rescindable, other than for non-payment of premium.
    • Simplified policy administration for the customer:
      • No reporting requirement for created or acquired subsidiaries.
      • Defense Expenses advanced on a current basis within 45 days of invoices.
      • Non-cancellable, other than for non-payment of premium.
      • 180-day window following policy expiration to give Notice of Claim or Inquiry.
      • 60 days grace to elect and pay for an Extended Reporting Period.

    Capacity: Up to $25,000,000; can be in addition to any “ABC” participation.

    Eligibility: All U.S. public and private companies.

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