Lead Side-A D&O: "A-Sure"


    “Side A” protection exclusively for the individual directors and officers has become a critical component of a company’s D&O protection portfolio. Designed to respond for loss incurred by individuals that are not indemnifiable by the company, Side A-only protection is typically put in place over a “traditional ABC” D&O program. Our policy, ORUG-93 (“A-Sure”), provides both excess Side A limits and the important “Difference in Conditions” provision when the traditional program fails or refuses to respond to loss for any reason.

    It has never been more important for individual board members and executives to have dedicated and broad Side A DIC coverage from and experienced, committed, and financially stable insurer.


    Capacity: Up to $25,000,000 per Claim / $50,000,000 Aggregate

    Eligibility: All U.S. public and private companies


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