Excess D&O and Excess Plus™

    Intended to follow the underlying policy(s) in a layered program, excess policies are the building blocks that make up the towers of D&O and other Management Liability protection. ORUG-91 is our excess policy form for public company and private company policyholders.

    Policy features (ORUG-91):

    • One-page streamlined follow-form contract
    • Market-leading erosion language for underlying policy limit and sub-limit
    • Ability to follow or match sub-limited coverage, such as Shareholder Derivative Demand Investigations
    • Can be used for public or private company excess on either a monoline basis or a multi-line basis, using our Excess Flex™ endorsement, which identifies and follows the varied coverages usually provided in private company management policies.

    Capacity: Up to $15,000,000

    Attachment: No minimum attachment

    Eligibility: All U.S. public and private companies.

    Download D&O Sell Sheet


    Our Excess Plus™ Endorsement

    The Excess Plus™ Endorsement expands Side A coverage within our “traditional” (ABC) excess layer to create broadened terms for “non-indemnifiable loss” of natural insured persons, including the potential for dropdown. Insured individuals will enjoy an extra level of protection in a world of increasing personal liability exposure.

    How Excess Plus™ Works:

    • Expands Side A coverage within our excess ABC position to match the terms and conditions of the Lead Side A DIC Policy.
    • Only applies to non-indemnifiable loss for natural person insureds.
    • The traditional ABC policy responds unless the broader Lead Side A DIC terms apply.
    • Our layer is subject to drop-down/DIC provisions, but the Lead Side A DIC and any policies written directly excess of the Lead Side A DIC respond first.
    • We do not follow any reinstatement provisions of the Lead Side A DIC policy.

    Excess Plus™ Benefits:

    • The entire “traditional” tower excess of our layer may broaden to match the “superior” terms and conditions of the Lead Side A DIC carrier.
    • The Lead Side A DIC placement still has value, since the carrier (preferably Old Republic) sets the broadened non-indemnifiable loss terms for others to follow.
    • If traditional ABC excess carriers above our offering agrees to follow form:
      • Each carrier monitors behavior of underlying carriers in the event of a non-indemnifiable loss, but the Lead Side A DIC carrier retains the first DIC review.
      • Each carrier has the potential to “drop down” for underlying carrier insolvency in the event of a non-indemnifiable loss.

    Download Excess Plus™ Sell Sheet

    Products may not be available in every state. State variations may apply. Specific state-required endorsements may modify the terms of the standard policy form.

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