New LPL Form

We are pleased to announce the release of our new primary Lawyers Professional Liability (LPL) policy, form number ORUG-27 (11/2017), which will replace the current primary policy, form number ORUG-27 (9/2004), that has been in use since 2004.

As LPL coverage has developed and adapted to meet changing policyholder needs, the prior 2004 primary policy has been amended over time with an array of endorsements; therefore, the first mission of the new (11/2017) edition is to incorporate most of these endorsements into the body of the policy wording. We are hopeful that the upgrade of the policy form will be welcomed by brokers and their policyholder clients.

In addition to streamlining the existing policy, the basic new policy form will also include several new features.

Some noteworthy features of the basic policy form include:

  • Addition of Personal Injury to Section 1. Coverage.
  • Amend Section 2. to provide a further 50% coverage subsequent to a refusal to consent to a settlement.
  • Addition of Disciplinary Proceedings Coverage, provided via sub limit.
  • Expanded definitions of Professional Services and Insured.
  • Less restrictive Bodily Injury Exclusion.
  • Defense Counsel is to be mutually agreed upon.
  • ERP options up to 6 years are included.
  • Final adjudication position added to the Dishonesty Exclusion.

This is a general summary of some of the features of the new policy form and does not replace contract language. Please see the policy form for complete details.  The new form and declarations page can be seen here:

ORUG27 (11/2017) Policy Form & Dec. Page

Note: Coverage under ORUG-27 may be amended by state-mandated endorsements, or by specific underwriting considerations.

Old Republic Insurance Company is admitted in all states plus D.C., and the state approval process is well advanced, approvals having been received from more than 30 states, effective 2/25/18.  For a full list of current ORUG-27 (11/2017) state availability, see here.